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Need career guidance/info/advice; Bursary & other Financial Aid, Where to Study/which subject choices to make in Grade 9? Phone The Ultimate Career Guide, Tel (011) 468-2004 or send an email to 

Our product, The Ultimate Career Guide is distributed to at least 5 000 schools country-wide, with approximately 600 learners per school (3 000 000 learners). Life Orientation is a compulsory subject and learners need to attend classes. It is estimated that our publication is used at least four times a month (±12 Million Views/Month). This is apart from all other users in libraries, at tertiary educational institutions, personnel agencies, psychologists, etc. Every edition is updated, expanded and packed with career and career-related information. Ten Abridged Versions of the book (the 10 Main Categories) are also available (to be printed in bulk). We are dedicated to supplying up-to-date, relevant and essential educational information to all learners and other users within and beyond our borders. Now published by IBATUR Education cc - a house of learning - welcoming people to a multiplicity of opportunities, upliftment, and the journey of becoming their own teacher by returning to core values, and connecting with a sense of purpose.

Helanie du Toit 

Head: Office Administration

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