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Database Driven  
South Coast Chamber Directory and Database- In prep

KwaZulu-Natal Business Book 2013- In prep

The KwaZulu-Natal Business Book is a comprehensive database of small and large businesses in the province which is available in electronically and in hard copy format.. The aim is to provide access to business information, which is essential to running a business effectively and efficiently. The information enables you to:
Network with other companies using the latest available addresses, telephone and fax numbers, e-mails, websites, etc ·        
Source products and services from the companies listed ·        
Reach the right people ·        
A wide-ranging list of South African business categories have been utilised to make finding the product or service you require straightforward.    

KZN Top Business

Through the KZN Top Business web site, hard copy book, multimedia interactive CD-Rom as well as the use of the video, social media, electronic media, the Top Business Awards and events, KZN Top Business Portfolio has taken the lead in marketing the province of KwaZulu-Natal to both local and international stakeholders. The various communication tools utilised ensure that an integrated and dynamic approach to marketing and branding is optimised. These avenues are all designed to satisfy the demand for easy-to-use business and investment vehicles. We have consistently branded KwaZulu-Natal as being associated with success. In addition we have provided a platform for local businesses, municipalities and the KZN government to be profiled and promoted in a holistic and comprehensive manner.   The high profile of our work is evident as in addition to our database of private companies, district municipalities and government departments, the KZN Top Business book and the CD-Rom’s are distributed by the Office of the Premier KwaZulu-Natal as well as Trade and Investment KwaZulu-Natal. The books and CD-ROMs are distributed at local and overseas trade shows, to visiting foreign delegations, and other local and national business events.        

FNB Top Business Awards

The annual KZN Top Business Portfolio Awards sponsored by FNB is now in its sixth year and continues to be highly successful. We believe that we need to communicate the importance of striving for success in South Africa, through transformation and innovation. Traditionally, business awards are about financial returns, increased sales or market share. However the FNB KZN Top Business Portfolio Awards acknowledge business success, innovation and ethical practice. In particular, the awards recognise companies and organisations that integrate responsible business practice into their mainstream operations, which result in a positive impact in the marketplace, environment, community and workplace, creating a better life for all in KZN.  

FNB KZN Top Business Awards
(annual event) (marketing media management and event co-ordination) Includes annual award dinner, media launches and media liaison, media packages, media liaison, trade exchanges, tabloid supplement, radio interviews  

Salga KZN Games

Media Management and Marketing 2011 including Website, Facebook Page, tabloid etc   2012 Projects Recent publications (available on DVD, web site and in print) include: KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Portfolio 2012 (CD-Rom/ print/ website/ social media) iBuya Connecting Africa 2012 (print) (African Renaissance  iBuya  website, African Renaissance  social media )   Database KZN Business Book 2012 website/ Facebook Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry Directory 2008 Vula Business Contacts and Buyer’s Guide 2011  

Past Projects KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Portfolio 1998-2012 Mpumalanga Top Business Portfolio 2006, 2007, 2008/9, 2010 Investing in KwaZulu-Natal 2004 and 2005  

Websites The KwaZulu-Natal Top Business has invested resources in ensuring that its current websites utilize the latest information technology available. The dynamic nature of the websites allows information and data to be continually updated as the need requires. Regular news bulletins featuring news and events are also added.   


KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Portfolio 2011 and 2012 iBuya Connecting Africa 2012 KZN Business Book 2012 Salga KZN Games tabloid 2011  

Social Media The use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter ensures that there is online interaction between people which is line with current trends in marketing and communication.  In line with this trend the various Facebook pages created and managed are constantly updated with photographs, news stories and events.

 A range of activities are carried out including:

Economic and business research
Database creation, verification and management
Writing and issuing newsletters
Networking - Breakfast meetings
Script writing and DVD production
Media management
Websites design and maintenance
Social media pages
Print productions- newsletters, pamphlets, corporate brochures, annual reports and other print materials
CD-ROM production
Speech writing
Press releases
Adverts/ Advertorials
Gala dinners
Design and layout for your interest!

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