Top Business 
Publishing House

Summary  of Activities 

Print productions- newsletters, pamphlets, corporate brochures, annual reports and other print materials

eBook production & publising

  • Writing and issuing newsletters
  • Economic and business research
  • Script writing and DVD production
  • Media management
  • Social media pages
  • Photography
  • Speech writing
  • Press releases
  • Adverts/ Advertorials
  • Networking - Breakfast meetings
  • Gala dinners
  • Mentoring
  • The development and implementation of the marketing and communication programme so that they may develop new skills as well as have hands on experience in the various methods used.  
  • Skills training of employees/community workers
  • Develop capacity skills training in line with South African Qualifications Authority  (SAQA) unit standards.


Kerri Adlam


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