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KZN Women in Business Year Book

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 It is the intention of the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry to publish annually a Woman in Business Directory.   There are several reasons for this.   

·        Firstly, the successes of women within the business community need to be highlighted and celebrated.    Their achievements need to be ‘personalised’ so that credit is given where it is due and not obscured by greater focus on the companies in which they are employed.    At the same time, of course, their companies, which have shown foresight in promoting women in their workplaces, require due acknowledgement.  

·        Secondly, within the enlightened business community companies may consciously seek service providers who are women, or women-owned enterprises.   This directory will facilitate such a search. 

·        Thirdly, we believe it will do much for the confidence of women in business to be featured in their own dedicated publication which will show, from year to year, that gender equity is advancing in workplaces.   The number of women entrepreneurs is increasing all the time, and many are entering sectors which have been regarded as exclusive to men.     

·        Fourthly, the Chamber is proud to be associated with a publication of this nature which responds to the trends of the time and to its ideological mores.    The greater involvement of women in the economy and the business environment will enhance the prospects of growth and development.   

·        We hope that the Directory will prove to be a valuable resource while also promoting the greater participation of women as owners and managers within enterprises of all sizes.



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