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Pre Publication - KZN Top Business -Special

R180.00 Pre Publication - Special R120.00 (Ends 15th June) KZN Top Business Portfolio has taken the lead in marketing the province of KwaZulu-Natal to both local and international stakeholders. The various communication tools utilised ensure that an integrated and dynamic approach to marketing and branding is optimised. These avenues are all designed to satisfy the demand for easy-to-use business and investment vehicles. We have consistently branded KwaZulu-Natal as being associated with success. In addition we have provided a platform for local businesses, municipalities and the KZN government to be profiled and promoted in a holistic and comprehensive manner

Pre publication Special -The Ultimate Career Guide

R3480.00 Pre publication Special R2850 Over 1 100 careers are described in detail, one career per page, arranged in broad fields of interest: VolumeS 1 and 2 – PRIME CAREER infoRMation: • linguistic, musical and performing and visual arts • banking, finance, insurance and administrative • cultural • legal • civil • computers • medical (ancillary, mainstream) • science (animal, chemical, earth, engineering, medical, physical, plant, research) • engineering trades (artisans) and other practical disciplines (social, skills) • social (assistance, community, teaching) • unusual/unconventional careers • sport etc. Volume 3 – all other CAREER-RELATED information: • educational institutions • agricultural colleges • private training institutions • SAQA accredited institutions • professional bodies related to careers • sport organisations • support, emergency and counselling organisations • volunteer organisations etc.

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