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A complimentary breakfast session to review your organisation (5th October 2017)

Your organisation’s sustained productivity is driven by how well your leaders and managers achieve results through getting others to solve problems and make good decisions.  The performance of the whole integrated human organisation is essential to success. ADS & Associates are running a breakfast session to assist KZN leaders and senior managers to identify organisational barriers to the sustained productivity and growth of their organisation.   


5th October 2017 at 8: am Where: Swan Room – Westville Country Club,  1 Link Road, Westville   


08:00   - Registration and Welcome 

08:30   - Interactive review of key Human & Organisational factors & processes for business success : Hugo Misselhorn. 

08:50   - Introduction to Human & Organisational review questionnaire:  Linda Smith. 

09:00   - Questionnaires completed by participants and discussion. 

09:30   - Thoughts on leading organisations in a difficult socio-economic environment : Wolfgang Beier (CEO of Beier Industries). 

Our Speakers:

Hugo Misselhorn 

– A former HR Director, Hugo has captured over 30 years of experience and study in his book “The Head & Heart of Leadership”.  He has done pioneering work in JPS technology, team building for productive work relationships; and strategic analysis for organisational change.

Linda Smith

– An HR practitioner with over 20 years’ experience in the HR & Organisational Development field, she has a particular interest in facilitating change and development in organisations.

Wolfgang Beier

– MD of Beier Industries (Pty) Ltd, Wolfgang has successfully led a variety of organisations within SA.   

 As a follow up to the breakfast session, our consultants will offer to meet with you to discuss the confidential results of your human and organisational evaluation questionnaire. In this meeting we will give you a collated trend analysis of the anonymous results from all the organisations who attended the event, as well as explore possible solutions to particular organisational barriers highlighted by you in your response.

Bookings for this event are closed 

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