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The KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Awards have firmly established themselves as a highlight of the KwaZulu-Natal business calendar.

 This year the awards will once again celebrate successful companies and organisations in KwaZulu-Natal. The awards function offers an excellent opportunity for all business sectors to meet, be inspired and showcase their achievements to their peers. Each of the awards on offer celebrate and recognise business and organisational success across the economic sectors in both the private and public arenas. 


Nominees receive publicity and recognition of their achievements in KwaZulu-Natal and beyond through the KZN Top Business Portfolio website and e- newsletters.All finalists will be entitled to two free tickets to the gala event, where they will receive due recognition of their success, as well as coverage in the local media.Finalists receive media recognition.Winners receive a certificate and a trophy.Winners also receive the accolade of being judged the best in their field in KwaZulu-Natal. In addition:The awards provide a great opportunity to boost team morale and reward staff for their contributions to your company/organisation.You are able to raise your profile to customers and potential investors. 


The KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Portfolio Awards are open to all private sector companies and public sector agencies including government departments, municipalities and state owned corporations.The company/organisation must have an office in KwaZulu-Natal.Businesses may nominate themselves.Decisions by the judging panel are final and no correspondence will be entered into.  


The KZN Top Business Portfolio Awards' criteria have been drawn from the principles of theKing IV™ Report on Corporate Governance™ in South Africa 2016,   King IV™ sets out the principles and recommended practices for all organisations to apply and explain in order to achieve good governance outcomes. In line with King IV, the KZN Top Business Portfolio Awards focus on the organisation/company success in relationship to the economic, environmental and social spheres in KwaZulu-Natal. Factors such as brand and reputation, stakeholder relations and goodwill, environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and quality of governance are all taken into account.  


An award is given in each of the following categories:  

1. Agriculture: Incorporates establishments and activities that are primarily engaged in farming activities, but also includes establishments focusing on commercial hunting and game propagation and forestry, logging and fishing.

2. Mining: Includes the extracting, beneficiating of minerals occurring naturally, including solids, liquids and crude petroleum and gases. It also includes underground and surface mines, quarries and the operation of oil and gas wells and all supplemental activities for dressing and beneficiating for ores and other crude materials.

3. Manufacturing: Broadly defined as the physical or chemical transformation of materials or compounds into new products. This year both medium and large categories will receive an award to accommodate the large number of entrants.

4. Resources  Water, electricity, energyIncludes the supply of electricity, gas and hot water, the production, collection and distribution of electricity, the manufacture of gas and distribution of gaseous fuels through mains, supply of steam and hot water, and the collection, purification and distribution of water

.5. Construction: Includes the site preparation, building of complete constructions or parts thereof, civil engineering, building installation, building completion and the renting of construction or demolition equipment with operators.

6. Trade: Wholesale and commission trade; retail trade; repair of personal household goods; sale, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and motor cycles.

7. Transport, storage and communication: Transport as an economic sector refers to activities concerned with land transport, railway transport, water transport, and transport via pipelines, air transport, and activities of travel agencies, post and telecommunications, courier activities, as well as storage and warehousing activities.

8. Business ServicesIncludes financial intermediation; insurance and pension funding; accounting; bookkeeping and auditing activities; Real estate activities; renting or transport equipment; computer and related activities; legal; architectural, and other technical activities; and business activities not classified elsewhere.

9. Social and community services: Includes public administration and defense activities, activities of government, government departments and agencies; education, public and private; health and social work; sewage and refuge disposal, sanitation and similar activities; activities of membership organisations; recreational, cultural and sporting activities; and personal services

10. Tourism: Encompasses many different economic activities under one heading. In terms of economic analysis, the tourism sector is distinctive in that it is not a sector formally classified as such in terms of the Standard Industrial Classifications. In light of the large contribution made by this industry to the KZN economy it has been decided to create its own category.

11. Municipal: Most proactive district municipality based on a current and active project success in promoting socio economic growth in its region.

12. Government: Most proactive KZN government department based on a current project's success in promoting socio economic growth in the province

13. Partnership award (Blue chip award) : The winning project will reflect the importance of effective inter-agency collaboration and partnerships.

14. KZN Top Brand: This award is awarded solely on the basis of our online public poll-at

15. KZN leader  This award is given to a business person who has demonstrated exemplary business achievement, industry influence and is a true inspiration to others.   


Scores will be given through an analysis of each company's entry submission and followed up by interviews with key personnel where necessary to avoid misinterpretation or fill in gaps in information provided. Final points will be awarded through round table discussions with FNB KZN Top Business Awards' board members.Presentation of the company's submission is taken into account in the scoring process. 


The decision of the judging panel will be announced at a gala dinner. Details will be published later. To be eligible to receive an Award, company representatives must attend the dinner. 


The award recipient(s) shall be selected by the Top Business judging panel. It is imperative to note that due to the range of organisations/ companies each is judged according to its own efforts and accomplishments within the appropriate sector. 


Deloitte has been appointed to audit the results. 


Entries must be submitted to Gayle Adlam at

Queries:  031 2671977

Final entry date: 27 May 2020

Date of awards 25 June 2020



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