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KZN Top Business Career & Skills Expo

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

Through the aspiration to salute success, The KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Portfolio is delighted to announce a new initiative for 2014 namely the KZN Top Business Career & Skills Expo. We aim to encourage the pursuit of business success from the earliest career aspiration to its culmination in the ultimate recognition - a KZN Top Business Award. 

 It is a well known fact that the shortage of skilled labour in South Africa is one of the most challenging socio-economic concerns that the country needs to address.  Furthermore, the skills development challenges South Africa faces are complex and span across numerous industries and  skill levels. Building skills development builds job knowledge, increases performance and promotes the passion to succeed. It is also important to acknowledge that learning is a  life long process. Obtaining a qualification does not mean that learning ends.

Consequently, the aim of the expo and conference is aligned with The White Paper- POST-SCHOOL  EDUCATION AND TRAINING as approved by the South African Cabinet on 20 November 2013  (Department of Higher Education and Training) which states that the education system must provide paths for articulation between various qualifications, and there  should be no dead-ends for students; there should always be a way for someone to improve  their qualifications without undue repetition. Meeting the needs of learners of all ages and  levels must be a central purpose of the education and training system.


 The KZN TOP BUSINESS CAREER & SKILLS EXPO aims to bring together training Setas, entrepreneurs, training institutions, universities, top companies, NGOs and government  organisations etc in order to promote the different career and  learning opportunities available.

The KZN TOP BUSINESS CAREER & SKILLS EXPO will showcase  the entire spectrum of methods, products and services available for career opportunities, workplace learning and employee development. 


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